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 Our school, Chennai Public School has a lot of Formula 1 fans and a handful of them keeps track of every single event conducted by the F1. We started searching for students who are good at designing, software, crafting and speaking.  This way we filled positions of Design Manager, Resource Manager, Manufacturing Manager, and Public Relations Manager.  We are a team of 8 with 4 official and 4 unofficial members. We brainstormed through many team names and ended up naming it SIGMA RACING. We wanted to go with a simple logo that made sense and looked good at the same time. The competition is conducted, like any other international competition, in three phases. REGIONALS, NATIONALS, AND WORLD FINALS. We are pretty confident with our car design and we have managed to raise 5k more than our budget to cover extra costs. It was definitely a challenge but it wouldn't have been possible if our Principal and Director didn't support us. We appreciate the help of our Art and Robotics teacher who had our backs and carefully guided us through various options that we could approach. We are proud to represent our school and team.

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